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5 Ways Pubblico Italian Eatery Happy Hour Can Help You Beat the Arizona Summer Heat

Arizona summers are no joke. With temperatures soaring as high as 120 degrees, it’s no surprise that locals are always searching for ways to stay cool and beat the heat. One way to do just that is to treat yourself to the exciting menu and refreshing drinks at Pubblico Italian Eatery Happy Hour! 

In this article, we'll explore five ways Pubblico Italian Eatery Happy Hour can help keep you cool and relaxed, even in the height of summer! 

5 Ways Pubblico Italian Eatery Happy Hour Can Help You Beat the Arizona Summer Heat

Table of Contents:

  1. Keeping You Cool During the Arizona Summer with Pubblico Italian Eatery Happy Hour

  2. Cooling Cocktails 

  3. Small Bites for Hot Appetites 

  4. Indoor and Outdoor Seating Options

  5. Happy Hour Deals and Drink Pricing

  6. Stunning Sunset Vibes

  7. Conclusion 

Keeping You Cool During the Arizona Summer with Pubblico Italian Eatery Happy Hour

With the scorching heat, it's essential to have a refreshing spot to unwind and enjoy a good meal and drinks. A perfect way to beat the summer heat is to take advantage of the happy hour at Pubblico Italian Eatery Phoenix and Scottsdale. 

Continue reading to learn more. 

Cooling Cocktails 

One of the best ways to beat the heat is by sipping on a cool cocktail. At Pubblico Italian Eatery, we're known for our signature handcrafted cocktails made with the freshest ingredients, including favorites such as the Up in Smoke Mezcal cocktail, Watermelon Sugar, Old Fashioned, Happy Hour Margarita, and many more. 

Pubblico Italian Eatery Hand-Crafted Cocktails

Our knowledgeable and skilled bartenders also craft mocktails, and offer a variety of domestic and imported beers, and Italian wines from our curated wine list. 

Small Bites for Hot Appetites 

Hot weather tends to decrease our appetite, but Pubblico Italian Eatery's small bites offerings are perfect for satisfying your hunger without being too heavy. Our happy hour menu features delicious, bite-sized favorites like calamari, brussel sprouts, and bruschettas that pair perfectly with happy hour chilled white wines. 

Indoor and Outdoor Seating Options

Pubblico Italian Eatery's indoor and outdoor seating options are perfect for beating the heat. Whether you want to sit indoors and enjoy the comfort of air conditioning or enjoy your happy hour menu favorites outside, Pubblico has got you covered. You are free to choose where you want to sit, and neither will compromise your dining experience.

Pubblico Italian Eatery Phoenix’s Spacious Outdoor Patio

Our outside patio is specious. With misters and fans strategically placed throughout the area, you can enjoy your happy hour drinks and appetizers in the cool shade while taking in the beautiful Arizona scenery. And if the sun goes down and the temperature drops, our patio becomes a cozy and intimate space with its string lights and comfortable seating.

Happy Hour Deals and Drink Pricing

The hot Arizona summer can often lead to a higher electricity bill with people increasing their AC usage to combat the heat. Luckily, Pubblico Italian Eatery's happy hour deals won't break the bank. 

You can enjoy specialty drink prices such as $8 cocktails and mocktails, $3 domestic and imported beers, and deliciously discounted glasses of wine and small bites. 

Stunning Sunset Vibes

To top it all off, Pubblico's happy hour is available all day Monday, 4 PM to 6 PM on Tuesdays through Sundays, and 11 AM through 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday. 

Pubblico Italian Eatery Scottsdale’s Outdoor Dining Area

These hours make it a perfect sunset happy hour spot. You can watch as the sun sets behind the McDowell Mountains and enjoy your favorite cocktails and small bites with the beautiful Arizona sunset as your backdrop.


Pubblico Italian Eatery is the perfect spot to help you beat the Arizona summer heat. Their happy hour deals offer affordable and refreshing drinks and snacks, with outdoor seating and shade to keep you cool. Next time you're in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area, be sure to stop by Pubblico Italian Eatery for their happy hour and experience a refreshing summer escape.

We are open for lunch every day from 11 AM to 3 PM

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