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Introducing Pubblico Italian Eatery Wine Wednesdays: The Perfect Way to Midweek Wind Down

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. It’s Wine Wednesday at Pubblico Italian Eatery, the perfect way to wind down midweek and treat yourself to a glass of your favorite vino. Every Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm, you can enjoy a $20 bottle of wine with your favorite Pubblico Happy Hour small bites.  

In this blog from Pubblico Italian Eatery, we’ll talk about what makes our Wine Wednesdays the perfect way to get you through the week. 

Introducing Pubblico Italian Eatery Wine Wednesdays: The Perfect Way to Midweek Wind Down

Table of Contents:

  1. Wine Wednesdays at Pubblico: A Closer Look

  2. A Wide Selection of Wines

  3. Discounts on Food and Drinks, Not Quality 

  4. Perfect Pairings 

  5. The Ultimate Midweek Escape

  6. Happy Moments

  7. Conclusion 

Wine Wednesdays at Pubblico: A Closer Look

Are you feeling tired and drained from your workweek? Do you long for a midweek break to give you the energy you need to finish strong? Look no further than Pubblico Italian Eatery's Wine Wednesdays. 

With two beautiful locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, Pubblico Italian Eatery offers a wide variety of authentic Italian eats, paired with a comprehensive wine list to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to indulge.

Continue reading to learn more! 

A Wide Selection of Wines

Every Wednesday, we offer a wide range of Italian wines for you to choose from. Whether you're a fan of red or white wine, you'll find something to please your palate. 

Our wines are selected by experts, like our in-house sommelier, and added to our extensive curated wine list to ensure each glass complements your meal perfectly. 

Discounts on Food and Drinks, Not Quality


At Pubblico, we understand that pricing is a crucial factor when dining out. With a happy hour from 4-6 p.m, you can enjoy pocket-friendly prices on tasty bites and selected wine labels without breaking the bank.

Perfect Pairings 

Wine Wednesdays are perfectly complemented by our authentic Italian cuisine. Our dishes are prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients to create a memorable dining experience. 

Enjoy a bowl of homemade pasta or our famous wood-fire pizzas while you sip on a glass of wine of your choice. The entire experience will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, with the perfect mix of flavors.

The Ultimate Midweek Escape

Wine Wednesdays provide a respite from the midweek bustle, making it an ultimate midweek escape, leaving you with nothing but peace, relaxation, and good spirits. Slip into the charming yet modern atmosphere of Pubblico Italian Eatery and get ready to experience an unparalleled Happy Hour.

Happy Moments

At Pubblico Italian Eatery, it's not just about the wine, but the lively social atmosphere guests enjoy. With like-minded guests gathering together with beautiful drinks and tasty food, it's an environment that emanates pure joy and fun. 

Happy Hour at Pubblico Italian Eatery Scottsdale

You can unwind and relax to the chill vibe of Wine Wednesdays, surrounded by laughter, lively conversation, and merriment.


Pubblico Italian's Wine Wednesdays are the perfect way to wind down in the middle of the week, surrounded by excellent company, great food, and fantastic wine. Whether you are a wine lover, foodie, or simply looking for an escape from the midweek bustle, Pubblico Italian's Wine Wednesdays have something for everyone. 

So get your gang together, try out some of their wines, and toast to happy moments!

We are open for lunch every day from 11 AM to 3 PM

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ALL EVENING 4 - 9PM on Mondays

4 - 6 PM on Tuesdays through Sundays

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