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Italian Food and Culture: Influences on Italian American Cuisine

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Italian food is not only one of the most popular cuisines around the world, but it's also one of the most diverse.

Italian food and culture have rich influences from Italy's many regions and towns. With a variety of classic dishes and ingredients known for their taste and quality, it’s no wonder why Italian cuisine is so popular. 

In this blog, our team at Pubblico Italian Eatery will explore: 

  • Italian food and culture

  • The influence of Italian culture and food in American cuisine

  • What sets Italian cuisine apart

  • Staple ingredients used in classic Italian dishes

  • How Italian eateries keep the traditions of food and culture alive

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Italian Food?

  2. What Is Italian Culture?

  3. Italian Food and Culture: Influences In American Cuisine

  4. What Makes Italian Food So Special?

  5. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

What is Italian food known for?

Italian cuisine is most famous for dishes such as pizza, pasta, risotto, and hearty fish and meat recipes.

Why is Italian food so popular in America?

Italian immigrants came to America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries bringing with them classic dishes. However, it wasn’t until American soldiers came back from WWII wanting the same delicious food they came back from fighting abroad in Italy that the popularized dishes that are now a staple for American households and restaurants took off.

Before then, popular dishes like pizza and pasta were street food only found in Italy.

What Is Italian Food?

Classic Italian cuisine is known for its simplicity, with many dishes including only two or four primary ingredients. Italian food is distinctive so it’s difficult to pinpoint one type or types of dishes.

Italy is rich in culinary diversity, with classic recipes ranging from:

  • Seafood from Sicily

  • Ravioli pasta from the Lombardy region

  • Savory lasagna of Naples

  • Tiramisu from Tuscany

  • Spaghetti from Rome

Central Italy is best known for its pizza and pasta, but it also has many other renowned dishes. The north of the country specializes in savory, meaty delicacies while Southern Italians enjoy more tomato-based recipes.

Italian food also is world-famous for its variety of cheeses and exceptional wines. Italian white wines are often zesty and fresh in taste with fragrant hints of floral and fruity flavors. Many red wines from Italy contain full, rich fruit flavors, with a velvety body. 

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What Is Italian Culture?

As the center of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italian culture focuses on connecting, socialization and relationships, both equally important on an informal and formal level.

Spanning over centuries, Italian culture is famous for and impacted by its:

  • History

  • Art

  • Architecture

  • Food

  • Weather, scenery, and landscapes

Food has been a reason for individuals and families to come together since the birth of civilization, and nowhere is this more evident than in Italy. The legacies of Italian food and culture have deeply influenced culinary traditions across America and continue to do so to this day.

Italian Food and Culture: Influences In American Cuisine

Italian immigrants brought their culinary traditions to the East Coast in the late 19th and early 20th century. They created started creating dishes using classic recipes from home and newer ingredients available to them in the US.

But it wasn’t until American soldiers came home from WWII with a strong desire for the food they had while fighting abroad in the Mediterranean that pasta, and what is now known as Italian-American cuisine, really took off.

To this day, Italian food is one of the top three favorite cuisines in the United States. This shows how powerful a type of food can influence a country and its existing cuisine.

Because of its popularity, restaurants, like Pubblico Italian Eatery, have opened their doors to provide Americans a true Italian dining experience.

What Makes Italian Food So Special?

Italian food is a powerful tie to the history of Italian descendants and their current identity. Aside from countless Italians cooking and eating the same recipes as their ancestors did, there are many reasons why Italian food is so special.

Availability: Classic Italian ingredients are easy to import, especially dry ingredients like pasta.

Variety: While pizza and pasta are staples, Italian food is rich in flavor and variety.

Shareability: There are few cuisines served “family style” as much as Italian.

Comfort: Italian food and culture are known for their hearty, satisfying recipes and welcoming environment. When you think of Italian cuisine, it’s hard not to think of love, comfort, and family.

Healthy: Traditional and authentic Italian food is actually quite healthy. It has heavy influences on the Mediterranean diet, with original ingredients including olive oil, fresh vegetables, fish, and chicken.


Italian food and culture are defined by the simplicity and quality of cuisine and the respect of time-honored traditions. The most authentic dishes take the best aspects of each region to create truly exceptional and unique flavors. 

At Pubblico Italian Eatery, we’ve crafted our menu to honor the legacies of Italian food and culture in a contemporary American setting. Our chef Danny Garcia was trained by the talented Italian chefs at Lombardi’s who were born and raised in Italy.

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