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New Year, New Wine List

It’s that time of year again.

While the world has been coming out of their holiday lull and perhaps crafting New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve been tinkering with our wine list.

Truth be told, it’s a never ending process. Tasting is a huge part of it, so we’re not too bummed about that fact.

We sat down with Pubblico’s Beverage Director Edgar Garcia to find out who the rookies are and how and why they made the final cut for the 2022 Pubblico Italian Wine List lineup.

Alright Edgar, what are we working with here?

“Think of the new additions as the better looking cousins of some of the previous wines.

We stuck with the same varietals but bumped them up a notch with different regions and providers. As always, it was a fine line between obscure and something that won’t turn people off.”

Got it. But the same varietal can be a completely different experience depending on where it was grown, correct?

(A varietal means the type of grape.)

“Absolutely. Climate and soil play a major factor in taste. So for example, a varietal grown on the cooler coast is going to produce a much different wine than the same one grown fifty miles inland where it’s super hot.

Similarly, a varietal grown in rich soil is going to produce a much different wine than one grown in the same one say, in volcanic soil.”

We asked this in our original interview, but other than tasting, how do you go about choosing what wines go on here when there’s so many wines to choose from, Italian or otherwise?

“Yeah so before the ink is dry on a new wine list, I already have ideas for the next one (chuckles). There’s definitely a lot to work with. It’s a fun challenge. But there’s also a lot of obstacles as well that have actually dictated a lot of my decisions, unfortunately.

First, there’s supply chain issues. Not just getting the actual wine off the ships but there’s glass shortages, etc. Everything has been impacted.

Our wine list is mostly Italian, but fires in California have stopped me from choosing ones I would have liked to.

And then finally, what customers will actually want to order. People like what they like, and that’s great. But I’m always trying to push the envelope and offer something that they didn’t realize they wanted.

For example, people who order Pinot (Grigio) want something easy. But I’ve had a lot of great, more complex Pinots that I think people would love so it’s always a matter of respecting people’s preferences but also trusting my gut and taking a chance.”

Alright we’re going to play a game. I’m going to name the new wine, and you’re going to say the first thing you think of. Sound good?

“Let’s do it.”

First up, and in no particular order - Le Monde, Pinot Grigio.


Matias, Chardonnay.

“Your grandma but with tattoos.“

Ca' dei Frati "Lugana", Turbiana.

“Apricot. Stone fruit.“

De Conciliis, Falanghina.

“The tropics.“

Valravn, Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Blackberry currant. A little tobacco. Green pepper.“

Vino Lauria "Zio Paolo"- Nero d'Avola.

“Pizza wine, high acidity.“ 

(We clarified that this wine goes well with pizza off the record, not that it tastes like pizza.)

La Valentina, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

“Aromatic. Earthy.“ 

Monchiero, Nebbiolo d'Alba.

“A designer Italian suit from Marshall’s. More affordable than its dad, Barrolo.“

Trivento "Golden Reserve", Malbec.

“Cherry pie.“

(Fun fact: Malbec is French, not Argentinian. Argentina has no native grapes of its own.)

Quilt, Red Blend.

“Chocolate. Yeah, chocolate. Think plum. Baking spices. Think Christmas.“ 

Bastioni dei Collazzi, Chianti Classico.

“Like someone spilled lime juice in the strawberry jam jar. Classic make by a classic family. High acidity. Astringent. Plays well with others.“

And that’s it! Straight from the horse’s beverage director’s mouth.

If you enjoyed this wine chat, be sure to check out our original post on Pubblico’s Curated Italian Wine List where you can also learn more about Edgar and how he knows so damn much about wine.

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