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A Brief History of Italian Eateries

The patio at our Phoenix location.

It's no secret that Italian food is one of the most popular types of cuisine in the world. But not all Italian-style food is created equal. If you're looking to immerse yourself in an authentic experience without the hefty travel price tag, look no further than an Italian eatery.

There are many types of these establishments, but few can provide the true tastes of Italy that you won't find in your run-of-the-mill restaurant. Here at our eatery, our specialty is traditional, homemade Italian cuisine served in a contemporary yet casual setting.

In this brief history lesson and guide, we’ll break down:

  1. What Is An Italian Eatery?

  2. A Brief History Of The Italian Eatery

  3. What Does An Italian Eatery Menu Include?

  4. Examples of Traditional Italian Dishes

What Is An Italian Eatery?

An Italian eatery is an establishment that serves traditional Italian cuisine with a modern American twist. Think of an Italian eatery as a fusion between casual dining and fine dining. The atmosphere is more laid-back than at an upscale restaurant, but not quite enough so to be a pizza joint.

People also ask:

What is an Italian eatery translate to in Italian?

An Italian eatery is also known as a trattoria. They are less formal than a ristorante but more formal than an osteria.

What is the most popular type of eatery in Italy?

Ristorante. A ristorante is the highest-grade dining establishment in Italy. They include fine dining dishes, plating, service, and a well-known chef. 

A Brief History Of The Italian Eatery

The origins of Italian food can be traced all the way to ancient Rome - both the cuisine and the spirit, art, and love of eating. Surprisingly, Italian eateries have been around for centuries, since long before they were even known as "eateries”, or trattorias.

These establishments began popping up throughout Italy, most likely in the early Middle Ages. They quickly became popular amongst:

  • Travelers

  • Traders

  • Merchants

As these eateries grew more common across Europe, each region began establishing its own distinct style of cooking and serving Italian food. However, it wasn't until the 20th century that eateries became one of the most popular types of restaurants around.

As people began to move away from traditional family-owned businesses towards more casual

Americanized establishments, Italian eateries were quick to follow suit.

What Does An Italian Eatery Menu Include?

Italian eateries include a variety of dishes beyond what most people think of when they envision Italian food. While the tastes are distinct enough to give each region its own personality, Italian cuisine overall is known for its freshness and simplicity. 

Our menu and our curated Italian wine list include a wide variety of dishes and flavors from all regions of Italy.

Like traditional Italian food, our chefs use the fresh ingredients to make flavorful dishes, adding just the right amount of seasoning and spice when required and inspired.

Our lunch and dinner menu include:

  • Lunch: Salads, Wood Fired Pizza, Entrées (GF options), Kids Menu, Beverages

  • Dinner: Appetizers, Salads, Homemade Pasta (made fresh that day), Meat and Seafood Entrées, Wood Fire Pizza, Desserts

  • Curated Wine List: Italian Wines, Prosecco, and Brut

  • Cocktails: Hand-crafted Cocktails

  • Beer: Craft, Imported, and Domestic

Gluten free (GF) options are available for some salads, entrées, and dessert dishes.

Examples of Traditional Italian Dishes

Italian-style appetizers, salads, desserts and entrées vary. However, cuisine originating from Italy follows the same philosophy: fresh ingredients and simple recipes.

But don’t mistake simple for easy! Many, if not most, Italian dishes take enormous skill and experience to make well. (Our Chef Danny Garcia “cut his teeth” learning from the talented Italian chefs at Lombardi’s who were born and raised in Italy.)

Below are 7 examples of common Italian dishes:

  1. Risotto

  2. Linguine

  3. Ravioli

  4. Parmigiana

  5. Spaghetti

  6. Pizza

  7. Tiramisu


Italian eateries are where you can find traditional Italian food in a casual setting. They first popped up in Italy to serve the transient crowds in cities across Italy and have been around for centuries.

At Pubblico Italian Eatery, we offer classic and homemade Italian cuisine in a contemporary yet comfortable setting. Our dishes are unique, flavorful, and run the gamut from your go-to wood-fired margherita pizza to bolognese with a little kick to short rib ravioli topped with a tenderloin cooked to your liking. It’s safe to say there’s for everyone!

Click here to learn more about the Pubblico Story. And check out our post on our curated Italian wine list which we rotate quarterly. 🍷

We hope to see you soon!

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